Ting Dresser Hero
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Ting Dresser
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New York City, NY
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Residential Furniture
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This dresser was made from one flitch, that is, a stack of lumber from one single tree. This helps maintain a consistent coloring and finish throughout the entire piece, and offered the opportunity for a lot of book-matching. The leg style matches the Ting Bookshelves. We gave the dresser full-depth drawers for maximum clothing storage. The solid walnut handles are hand-carved with smooth, curved faces and textured backs.

The Ting Collection

We began working on the Ting Collection in 2012. The client lives in New York City and was hoping for pieces that were modern but timeless as well as easy to transport up the narrow staircases and tiny doors of many New York apartments. Over the years, we’ve slowly incorporated more live edges and details into each piece. Everything but the dresser and media console can be disassembled and then reassembled easily.

Ting Dresser 001
Ting Dresser 002

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