Sds Norvall 006
title /
Norvall Dining Table
dimension /
42”x7'x30”, ⅝” thick
material /
White Oak, Honey Mesquite
location /
Sacramento, CA
type /
Residential Furniture
artist signature /
description /

This thick table-top is supported by a latticed structure, with legs converging in a bow tie shape below. White oak is used for the majority of the table and legs, while all leg accents are made out of honey, mesquite wood.

Sds Norvall 005
Sds Norvall 003A
Sds Norvall 003B
Sds Norvall 002
Sds Norvall 004

The table is just the right amount of wild. Although the top is what everyone sees, the legs and the underside are super impressive to me: sturdy, clean lines, good design, brilliant quality.” 

-Brady Norvall, Owner

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