Sds Temple E Hero
title /
Temple Emanu-El Benches
dimension /
14”x17’x18” | 14”x19’x18”
material /
Red Oak
location /
Dallas, TX
type /
Commercial Furniture
artist signature /
description /

Each with uniquely sculpted contours, these benches were built to conform to the specific space they furnish. The red oak was sourced from trees on the property that needed to be removed to make way for the new addition to the temple’s sanctuary.

Sds Temple E 000

Sculpted Contours Befitting the Space

The first reception bench resembles a hockey stick in shape, and sits in the nook next to the central stairwell and concrete column. The longer bench was crafted with a merged seating area, and sits in front of the windows along the garden atrium.

Complimentary benches were crafted for the hallways to allow more space for reflection.

Sds Temple E 002
Sds Temple E 003
Sds Temple E 004
Sds Temple E 013
Sds Temple E 009
Sds Temple E 010
Sds Temple E 011
Sds Temple E 012

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