Sean Springer


Our Heritage & Story

Sean Springer was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. From an early age, he took to drawing, painting, and printmaking. The son of two architects, Sean’s parents often opened their home to clients. In turn, gifting Sean with an appreciation for client-artist collaboration.

During his teenage and university years, Sean apprenticed for his uncle and Chinese sculptor, Zhang Yong Hao, as well as Dallas landscape sculptor, Brad Goldberg. Sean first discovered his passion for wood-making during a school trip to Hawaii in 2005. Observing woodworkers build pieces harmonious with their native landscape inspired Sean to focus on local sourcing and quality craftsmanship. He received a fine arts degree with a focus on sculpture and furniture from RISD in 2006.

Sean gained experience building houses in Philadelphia, plywood furniture in Williamsburg, and fine furniture in Manhattan before deciding to start his own studio.

In 2009, he moved to Dallas and founded Springer Design Studio with only a few tools and a garage space. Seven years later, Sean still operates under the philosophy that done well, the aesthetics of an object have a larger story to tell.

The Studio

Sean loves working with wood because it is a warm material. It transcends generations. It creates conversations between loved ones through a common table or a shared seat. It’s friendly to the touch, sentimental to the memory and steadfast no matter it’s purpose.

Sean serves his clients with friendliness and builds pieces with sensitivity. His projects adhere to both his unique aesthetic and sustainable practices.

Sean mills many of his materials. All of Springer Design Studio’s local, reclaimed wood is air-dried for two years before incorporated into a project. Sean also uses high-quality Wenge and Teak wood in his work. Whatever the material, he pays close attention in order to work with the wood in terms of contour, grain direction and other factors.


A combined effort between woodworking and sculpture in order to ensure quality and achieve the perfect design.


Wood displays a natural beauty that cannot be replicated by man-made objects. It’s our responsibility to preserve and highlight this beauty through our craft.


The beauty of our work - both the craft and our natural materials - is meaningless if it does not endure. We are proud to put our daily efforts into objects that better with time.

Our Clients

Alex Nguyen

Brady Norvall

Cafe Momentum

CBD Provisions

Conifer Health Solutions

Corgan Associates

Deloitte University

Debbie and Abby Cardenas

Elene and Thomas Velasquez

Ellen Osburn

Headington Companies

Jencey and Cole Keeton/Trucky

Justin and Sayaka Chan

Manny Rodriguez

Martha and Chris Klinefelter

Neighborhood Store

Robin Bethell DDS/Forest Family Dentistry

Samantha Springer

Sean Ting

Student Union UNT

Temple Emanu-El