Sds Wright Table Hero
title /
Wright Dining Table
dimension /
5'X29", 1.75" thick top
material /
location /
Dallas, TX
type /
Residential Furniture
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description /

The Wright Dining Table was specifically designed to be on display in the front, floor to ceiling window of a modern home here in Dallas. Cubes of reclaimed pecan wood in a variety of sizes comprise the eccentric base, yet also allow for ample leg room - proving that aesthetics never have to compromise function.

Sds Wright Table 001

An Asymmetrical Aesthetic

The table top, also made from reclaimed pecan wood, sits centered to the sculpture displayed below even though it’s attached to the base at one side. All of the wood was sourced from Kidd Springs Park in Oak Cliff.

Sds Wright Table 002
Sds Wright Table 003

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