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Forest Family Dentistry Office 2
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Red Oak, Redcedar
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Austin, TX
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Commercial Buildout
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Forest Family Dentistry owner, Robin Bethell, asked us to help him create a space that would appeal to both children and adults with a modern, and sustainable aesthetic. I was given creative freedom to design lighting, counters, furniture, and children's play area. Over the past 5 years, I’ve completed three office projects and one personal project for the client.


  • Reception Window: 96”X64”X12”. This window includes a hexagonal-shaped transaction counter with hand-carved lettering for Forest Family Dentistry.

  • Coffee Table: 67”X24”X18”. Half of the table is sloped at 30 degrees with a magazine rack carved into the slope. At the top of the table, a circular bowl has also been carved to hold decorations or treats for patients sitting in the waiting room. The entire table is from one single, solid red oak tree.

  • Wall Sconces: 11” diameter dishes with centrally located mirror-surfaced LED light. These reflect back onto the wall and provide a shadow of the FFD logo.

  • Play Surface: 36”X50”X18”. The Redcedar log has a triple crotch that is carved into providing a small, flat area for playing with building blocks. Includes a knob built in to hang a bag collecting loose building blocks.

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“Sean brings fallen trees back to life: he makes reclaimed wood furniture that is modern, sleek, and beautiful.”  

-Robin Bethell,  DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentist

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