Sds Conifer Hero
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Conifer Health Solutions Reception Desks
dimension /
material /
Blue Beetle Pine
location /
Frisco, TX
type /
Commercial Furniture
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We chose pine as the material for this reception desk because of the direct correlation it provides to the client’s name, “Conifer.” The 42” transaction counter extends two thirds the length of the table in order to provide partial privacy for the receptionist. A built-in cabinet at the end fits both a small mini-fridge and two filing drawer cabinets, maximizing storage and space. A printer also fits below the desk in another cabinet. All of the drawer faces are made with a similar pine and the grain flows from one face to the next creating a cohesive outward aesthetic to unite these separate storage units.

Sds Conifer 001
Sds Conifer 002
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Sds Conifer 006

"The desk stands as a unique statement of the company’s name and resilience through material reference. The client was so please with the product that when they expanded, they request a custom reception desk to identify with the lobby of their new facility.” 

-Mark Dannehl, Corgan Associates

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