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Forest Family Dentistry Office 1
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White Oak, Maple, Red Oak
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Austin, TX
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Commercial Buildout
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Forest Family Dentistry owner, Robin Bethell, asked us to help him create a space that would appeal to both children and adults with a modern, and sustainable aesthetic.  I was given creative freedom to design lighting, counters, furniture, and children's play area. Over the past 5 years, I’ve completed three office projects and one personal project for the client.


  • Reception Window: 96”X56”X12”. The window has a slope from 30” work height up to a 42” transaction counter. Hand-carved lettering for Forest Family Dentistry and the window is all done in solid, white oak.

  • Pendant lights: 10”X31”. These triangular fixtures include paper wrap shades and colored, fabric-coated cord.

  • Wall Sconces: 5.5”X24”X4”. Made from deep, solid maple in an Art Deco style. The fixtures hold twin, LED light bulbs in order to maximize vertical light shed.

  • “Toothy” Play Area: Wood blocks of various sizes were carved from logs to resemble teeth with lots of decay and wiggle room. Upholstered “gums” are foam cushions in a variety of heavy-duty fabric.

  • Captains Bench: This bench is the same design as that used in the Wright Captain’s chair, only expanded. It is 84” wide and made from red oak. The tanned leather seats are held in place with decorative, upholstery nails

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Sean gives wood so much warmth and new life, it invites people to interact with the furniture he creates.” 

-Robin Bethell, DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentist

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