Cafemomentum Hero
title /
Cafe Momentum Chef’s Dining Table
dimension /
32”X12’X42”, 1½” thick
material /
Burr Oak
location /
Dallas, TX
type /
Commercial Furniture
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description /

A set of middle legs ensures the table will remain flat. While there is no skirt under the top, the legs are joined with through-tenons that show as square, end-grain details on the top. Burr Oak is a wood common to Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood

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Anamorphic Legs

The leg pattern used for this table was originally created by Springer Design. It’s anamorphic design is meant to mimic the legs of a deer while maintaining a clean, modern aesthetic. The proportions are purposefully broken up into thirds to better resemble the transitions from a foot, to knee to hip bone before reaching the table top.

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Sean’s work is authentic. There are a number of craftsman working with wood, but few who have knowledge and passion to celebrate the unique characteristics of the material as well as Sean.”

-Mark Dannehl, Corgan Associates

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